Critical Pathways

Carol provides presentations, seminars, and training for coalitions, community agencies, and organization on proven, effective ways to make a greater difference in the lives of young people and their families. She believes that you can achieve great things by making the most of what you have: the people you work with, the money on hand, and in the time available.

Carol’s style is described as “accessible,” “informative, able to present research in ways that make sense”, “friendly,” and “highly professional.”

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”Carol Cassell” link=”” color=”#e15f5e” class=”” size=”16″]”I create the opportunities for people to accomplish something significant and lasting together… that one group could never dream of doing alone.”[/pullquote][pullquote align=”full” cite=”Barbara Cicatelli of Cicatelli Associates, Inc.” link=”” color=”#e15f5e” class=”” size=”16″]”You were dynamic and thought-provoking, using humor while highlighting statistical information… participants found you to be dynamic, humorous, and knowledgeable.”[/pullquote]

Carol Cassell’s Expert Topics

These brief descriptions of current presentations are intended for program planners and media who want to know more about Carol’s work. If you are interested in her speaking to your group about her research or running a workshop for you, please contact Carol so we can work out the details.

Seasoned and Sensual Sexuality: Not an Oxymoron?

What are the sexual physical and emotional changes as we age from “baby boomer” to “middle-age” to “senior” status? Carol reviews and synthesizes the research from major surveys about the sex lives of baby boomers and boomer-plus Americans. Topics include “who is doing what:” from kissing, to a ‘night of passion’ to secret sexual thoughts and desires. We’ll discuss sexual differences between men and women over time and what contributes to “great sex.” Recommendations are given for clinicians and practitioners to identify and respond to issues of sexuality among seasoned (not born yesterday) adults and for educators on how to design educational programs for these mature adults.
Working with Young People

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”Carol Cassell” link=”” color=”#e15f5e” class=”” size=”16″]”I’ve always been a strong advocate for young people. I believe that youth that experience success, who are hopeful about their future, and who are supported by their families and their communities will finish their education and postpone pregnancy. And it is up to us adults to help young people achieve all they can be by guiding them through the maze of adolescence and gently leading them onto adulthood”.[/pullquote]


Helping Young People Make Healthier Decisions. We begin with a review of how decisions are made—or not made—including the current research into “Loony Teens” -the brain development and maturity of adolescents. We’ll cover: effective programs and curricula that can help young people make healthier decisions about avoiding risky sexual behavior; and, how to compare and contrast different lesson plans and activities form evidence-based curricula to consider what would work best for you and how to adapt them to fit your unique situation.


Making the Connection by Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice. How to engage neighborhood youth by merging the most effective teen pregnancy prevention efforts with proven youth development approaches. You’ll learn: promising approaches that reach out to help teen make healthier decisions and that connect them to a better future; how community groups can organize and mobilize their resources by connecting to each other; and how programs can stretch their resources by working with a national partner.
Community Work

Building Coalitions Worth the Time and the Money!

Strategies on building a coalition’s capacity to increase the impact of its work—establish community partnership, engage youth, and how to put together a community-based plan that makes sense and is doable and affordable. We’ll cover the effectiveness of different collaborative efforts: CDC’s Community Coalition Partnership Programs for the Prevention of Teen Pregnancy (the program I directed for five years), Annie E. Casey’s Plain Talk for Communities, and several state and local coalitions. You will learn effective community capacity building efforts, and how to tailor best practices to fit your own mission. The goal in this workshop is to help you avoid the problems that most coalitions face, as one coalition member put it: “It seems like we never get anything done but go to meetings”.